Lasting Recovery from Overeating Disorders

Many people don’t realize over-eating and food addictions can be a form of eating disorder that requires specialized medical and therapeutic care. Eating Recovery Centers provide comprehensive treatment for adults and adolescents struggling with overeating.

If you suspect that you or a loved one has Overeating Disorder, contact us today for a confidential assessment with a licenesed clinician.

Why Choose ERC?

We understand how isolating it can feel to struggle with food and your weight—and that it’s not as simple as we’d like to think to forge a healthy relationship with the two. That’s because food can represent so much more than simple sustenance.

Our innovative Comprehensive Overeating Recovery Effort (CORE) program goes beyond diet and exercise, integrating evidence-based strategies to address the true causes of obesity. Our medically-supported programming is rooted in non-diet weight management and fuses mental health, dietary support and education, exercise/movement and medical management to support lasting recovery.

Our Approach

Our programs safely and effectively eliminate behaviors that interfere with weight management and stabilize Body Mass Index (BMI) while providing patients, families and referring providers with tools and strategies to foster lasting lifestyle change. Our goal is to help our patients achieve a healthier, happier quality of life when they return home.

Our Experts

CORE treatment programming is overseen by nationally-recognized experts in the areas of obesity prevention, recognition and treatment, weight management and behavioral health. As thought-leaders, we recognize the connection between mental health and weight management in the treatment of overeating, high weight and related conditions. At our ERC facilities, you’ll receive treatment that is compassionate, customized and effective.

Family Involvement

Overeating impacts whole families. With accurate information, family members can learn and employ strategies to effectively support their loved one’s recovery and sustain lifestyle changes. Our family programming emphasizes education and skill building through multi-family therapy, education, process groups and supported meals.

Our Presence

With treatment centers across the country, patients and families can access CORE overeating programming in a format that fits into their schedule. Our CORE program is part of Eating Recover Center’s nationwide network of treatment centers specializing in eating disorders and behavioral health concerns, and we are able to draw from these resources to accommodate the diverse recovery needs of any patient at any time.

Our Commitment

Our CORE program has earned a reputation for excellence in the treatment of overeating and related conditions by providing quality care to our patients, engaging families and involving referring professionals for over 12 years. We are committed to helping you identify and change what is standing in the way of more controlled eating, and to develop a better relationship with food, activity and your body so that you can recover the life you deserve.