Causes of Mood and Anxiety Disorders

What Causes Mood and Anxiety Disorders?

Depressed mood is an expected response to certain life events, such as divorce or death of a loved one, while anxiety predictably accompanies other common occurrences including financial woes, unemployment and developmental milestones like adolescence, the transition to college and the empty nest period.

The genetic link to causes of mood and anxiety disorders

While these events are likely to trigger the mood or anxiety disorder, the true cause of these mental illnesses is far more complex with strong hereditary roots.  In fact, studies conducted among identical twins sharing the exact same genetic code have found that when one identical twin becomes depressed, the other will also develop clinical depression approximately 76% of the time.

Are you temperamentally predisposed?

Temperament has also been cited as a contributing factor to the development of mood, anxiety and eating disorders. The set of inborn personality traits that comprise our temperament dictate how we think, what do and how our brains develop emotionally over the course of our lives.

Temperament is thought to be genetically linked as well. High harm avoidance, rigidity and difficulty seeing “the big picture” are common traits that comprise a temperamental predisposition toward mood and anxiety issues. Because temperament is unchanging, treatment will often help patients understand their traits and learn to manage their temperament to decrease symptoms and help them function effectively in the world.

ERC offers relief from mood and anxiety disorders

In addition to being a leader in the treatment of eating disorders, Eating Recovery Center is also renowned for its specialty care and treatment of mood and anxiety disorders.

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