Diabulimia Self-assessment Quiz

If you are a type 1 diabetic who misuses insulin for weight control in any of the following ways, the next step is to speak with an ERC Masters-level clinician for a professional assessment.

  • Decreasing the prescribed dose of insulin

  • Omitting insulin entirely

  • Delaying the appropriate dose of insulin

  • Manipulating the insulin itself to render it inactive

Why should you seek treatment for Diabulimia right away?

The consequences can be life-threatening if you or someone you love has type 1 diabetes and is manipulating insulin as a way to control weight.  Medical stabilization is a priority, followed by the care of our multidisciplinary treatment team who experienced in the treatment and management of diabulimia.

While diabulimia is not an official eating disorder diagnosis or a medically recognized term, it is a descriptive term that can underscore a real and very serious pattern of disordered eating. And as is the case with any eating disorder, professional care is essential.

Is recovery possible?

Yes! With our specialized treatment, a full and lasting recovery is possible. The important part is to get into treatment right away so you or your loved one can be medically and psychologically stabilized before the condition worsens.

What’s next?

Once you complete the form to the right, one of our Masters-level clinicians will contact you for a free, confidential assessment of your symptoms and the treatment options available to you.

If you or a loved one is struggling with an eating disorder, contact us immediately for a confidential consultation.
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