Jul 29, 2021 | 10:00AM - 11:30AM (MDT)

How to Love Yourselfie: Media Literacy Workshop

An interactive social media literacy workshop in collaboration with Breaking the Chains Foundation (BTCF). This workshop will be hosted by Jillian Rose Reed, BTCF Celebrity Spokesperson & Board Member and as well as other BTFC board members, where they will provide a 45-minute evidence based cognitive dissonance eating disorder prevention program for media literacy interactive video and workbook.

Part 1: LOVE YOURSELFIE (Promote real versus ideal body image)

Part 2: EXPLORE YOURSELFIE (Enhance habits of prevention)

Part 3: HELP YOURSELFIE (Reduce perfectionism, increase self-compassion)

Part 4: BE YOURSELFIE (Engage in media literacy)

Part 5: CHERISH YOURSELFIE (Encourage actions that lead to mental and physical Health and happiness; choose optimism and improving relationships)

breaking the chains


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