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No one ever thinks their child or loved one will develop an eating disorder. But if that happens, you will need to understand the illness and how you can support the recovery process. Our Resource Center is filled with tips, checklists and information to educate and inform you on how to take care of your loved one – and yourself.

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A common misperception about eating disorders is that these serious illnesses only affect women. In reality, eating disorders can and do affect men and boys.
Despite increased prevalence of eating disorders in the United States, widespread misconceptions about eating disorders remain that challenge identification, diagnosis and early intervention. To truly protect and advocate for their children, it is important that parents understand the truth behind common eating disorder myths.
Having a child or other loved one who is struggling with an eating disorder is scary stuff. You want to ease their pain and no doubt you are worrying about whether you are saying the “right” thing. This can be agonizing at times, as you try to figure out the best things to say.
For parents of children who have taken their child out of school for eating disorder treatment, making the decision about whether they are ready to return to school is angst-filled.
Removing your child or adolescent from the school setting can be a painful decision, particularly when your child is excelling in academics or it seems that social relationships are sustaining your child.

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