Family Involvement in Treatment

Recovering from a mood and anxiety disorder or eating disorder “takes a village.” In addition to the hard recovery work your loved one will complete with their treatment team, families are strongly encouraged to participate in the treatment process to learn about the illness and strategies for support their loved ones moving forward. The specific goals of the family contact will depend on the information gathered during the pre-admission assessment process that was used to develop your loved one’s individualized treatment plan.

A family having a picnic at a park

Family Therapy

Individual family therapy sessions are part of your loved one’s programming, and sessions are generally held weekly. You can expect to learn more about family therapy during admission —at that time, the treatment team will suggest times for your first family therapy session during your loved one’s treatment. In addition to family therapy, Family Days is a three-day, monthly educational program designed for families of Eating Recovery Center and Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center patients.

Family involvement is particularly critical from the parents of the young patients admitting into child and adolescent programs. The treatment approach for patients ages 10 through 17 is rooted in Family-Based Treatment (FBT), which empowers parents to become agents of change in the recovery of their child. FBT recognizes that families must often manage re-feeding and weight restoration for their young loved ones when they are too developmentally young and/or compromised by their illness to assume responsibility for these tasks themselves, and has developed an integrated program to engage families in the recovery process. 

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