Mental health issues don’t just affect individuals

At Insight Behavioral Health Centers, we offer treatment for mood, anxiety and trauma-related disorders and other co-occurring mental health issues. Working side by side with patients and family members, we honor each individual’s emotional, physical and spiritual health throughout the entire recovery journey.

Mental illnesses affect interpersonal relationships and one’s ability to function effectively in everyday life. This can be lonely, isolating and in some cases, life-threatening. In addition, mental illnesses, like physical illnesses, impact the lives of each member of the family.

Helping your loved one heal

At Insight, we personalize care based on each individual’s unique needs. Our comprehensive, evidence-based treatment programs are helping adults, adolescents and families every day.

We offer several levels of care, including Residential, Partial Hospitalization, and Intensive Outpatient programs. Our nationally recognized team of experts provides specialized treatment for adults and adolescents with anxiety, depression, addiction, and other mental health issues.

Our integrated treatment approach focuses on behavior change from a wide variety of evidence-based treatments - strongly influenced by mindfulness-based practices. We are able to address the following diagnoses in our Mood, Anxiety & Trauma Program:

Some of our patients seek treatment for more than one diagnosis. Should this be the case for your loved one, our clinicians will identify this need and work with you to customize an effective treatment plan.

Reach out for help

The first step towards lasting change includes setting up an in-depth assessment with a master's level clinician. During this initial assessment, we will collect information from the patient, family members and referring providers – when applicable. This helps us develop a treatment plan that works for patents and family members alike. We will be able to identify co-occurring conditions during this initial assessment.

Since recovery is such a unique journey, it is hard to estimate how long treatment will take at Insight. Your loved one’s needs will always be first and foremost, and their individualized treatment recommendations may change to reflect their unique situation.

Following treatment, we will make every effort possible to make the transition from care at our center to care back at home as seamless as possible.

Support for families

On the date of admission, we will walk your loved one through the intake process and can discuss family therapy options with you. When your loved one completes treatment, we will create a discharge plan that you can use to help them sustain the recovery process. 

Family therapy is integral to helping individuals heal from mental illness. Family involvement is particularly critical for adolescents and young adults seeking treatment at our center. For those of you whose spouses and partners are seeking treatment, we encourage you to also stay consistently involved in your loved one’s care.

Recovery “takes a village”

It takes a great deal of strength and courage to recognize that a problem exists; it takes even more strength to admit that your loved one needs help. We are here for you — offering our support at all stages of the recovery journey.

Lasting recovery from mood, anxiety and trauma-related disorders is possible — with comprehensive support from compassionate experts. Please call us at (877) 711-1878 and let us know how we can help. 

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