Levels of Care for Overeating Treatment

Our facilities are renowned for being beautiful spaces that are peaceful, offer serenity and are the ideal place for creating healthy change, healing and recovery. Patients are admitted into the level of care most appropriate for her or him and then “step-down” to lower levels as their journey towards recovery progresses.

At each level of care, our eating disorder treatment program for overweight individuals addresses compulsive overeating, emotional or “stress” eating, night eating, binge eating, “food addiction,” and other weight management difficulties in a fully medically supported treatment environment.

  • Residential – Residential care is for our patients who need 24-hour support and monitoring.
    Available in IL

  • Partial Hospitalization – This level of care offers some of the intensity and structure of Residential eating disorders treatment while providing additional opportunities to practice recovery outside of the controlled treatment environment during evenings at home or in peer-supported apartment communities.
    Available in CA, TX, OH

  • Intensive Outpatient and Outpatient – Here, our patients spend their days with us, returning to their homes at night. This allows them to practice the skills necessary to remain healthy and protect their recovery after leaving treatment.
    Available in CA, TX, OH

  • Aftercare – Going back home after treatment can feel scary; however, we’ll continue to be with you even after you’ve left us. We’ll ensure there is a seamless transition from your ERC care team to your home-based treatment team and our Alumni Team will continue to check in with you during the days, weeks and months after treatment with us.

To learn more about our programs, please call or complete our short form. We look forward to speaking with you and guiding you along your journey towards a happier, healthier life.

If you suspect that you or a loved one is overweight and needs Binge Eating or Bulimia Treatment, contact us today for a confidential assessment with a licensed clinician.