Respecting Yourself Through Mindfulness Meditation

In eating disorder treatment, we often work on skills to help reduce anxiety and increase mood. One way to reduce stress and anxiety is through mindfulness practices.
Mindfulness practices can be completed over a long course of time, but small increments can also help you find calm and relief throughout the day. Having the handy tool of mindfulness can help you connect with yourself, with others, and with your environment in a different way; a way that leaves you feeling just a little bit better. Being more connected to yourself in this positive way is a powerful way to change the way you see things, what you worry about, and how you interact with the world.
For this guided imagery exercise, we invite you to find a quiet place, turn your lights down and settle into a comfortable position, whether it’s on a yoga mat, chair or any other position that works for you. Then spend the next few minutes listening to meditation. Enjoy serenity during this time, finding space in your mind that feels safe and comforting.
Once the meditation has ended, take a few moments to check in with yourself, note how you feel and set a positive intention that you can carry with you through the day.


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