There Is Life After Binge Eating Disorder

In my darkest days of Binge Eating Disorder, I hid everything.  But everyone knew I was struggling. There was no hiding from my body. My excess body weight, which had once been 360 pounds, was the manifestation of all that I was pushing aside in life and love. Now, in recovery, I am able to forge forward with hope and power in pursuit of my dreams.

As I’ve gotten to know the team at Eating Recovery Center’s BETR program like the Executive Director of the program, Dr. Julie Friedman, I know they are people who know and understand Binge Eating Disorder. I’ve met patients who entered the program feeling consumed by binge eating disorder and starting to see and feel hope for the first time in ages.

This is more than an immersive weight loss retreat, a fat camp, this is an all-around care getting at the root of what’s been eating you, community to get through the hard work and giving you the tools to move forward. While I visited Eating Recovery Center, I was able to experience outings to help the patients gain confidence and skills to deal with real-life interactions with food and feelings. Sometimes we, who struggle with Binge Eating Disorder, food addiction or compulsive overeating, all need help veering in the direction of a positive relationship with food and a healthy body.

This has not been an easy road for me, even as I climbed Kilimanjaro, the porters and guides,  bet against me. I have been jeered in gyms or on walks, in my path to wellness. I know how hard it can be to push through the pain and stereotypes just to take the first steps toward recovery. 

My work as an Eating Recovery Center National Recovery Advocate allows me to share my story with so many people, families touched by this eating disorder and health practitioners who can help others facing the turning point. The more I tell my tale of recovery, the less power food has over me. Each time I connect with others, I unravel the shame that kept me a prisoner of my own body.

If you’re struggling with food and body image on any level, hold onto the hope that you, too, can find peace and happiness. If you haven’t already, I highly encourage you to get professional help. For a confidential assessment with one of our masters-level clinicians, just complete the form on the right of this page or call (877) 207-2419You might feel a lot of resistance to reaching out, and that’s normal. I did, too.

There might be a million reasons that you don’t think it’s time to reach out. But you can’t do all you have to do when Binge Eating Disorder is consuming your life. I can tell you, it’s amazing to step out of isolation and into connection and health. Into the light of hope.

Call us, connect with us on social media or complete the form on this page. We’re here to support you along your journey.

Kara is the author of Fat Woman on the Mountain and Gorge. Her latest book Weight of Being was just released. 
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