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Past Events:

Grace Over Grit: Self-Compassion in the Age of Covid-19 

Social media has been flooded with what we should and shouldn't do in these months of the global pandemic. Meanwhile, many of us have been thrust into the isolation of quarantine, shaking us and our recovery to the very core. Join ERC/Insight Recovery Advocate Kara Richardson Whitely, NEDA Ambassador, Ryan Sheldon, and Ellie Pike (MA, LPC)! We’ll talk about how to tread with self-compassion and acceptance in these trying times.  

A special thanks to our community partner, the National Eating Disorders Association!

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Courage During COVID-19: How to Heal in Times of Illness and Isolation


In this free Say It Brave Webinar, join Eric Dorsa, an ERC/Insight Recovery Ambassador Council Member, and Ellie Pike (MA, LPC) in discussing how to put your recovery and healing first, no matter what is going on in the world. We’ll explore:

  • How to navigate unique triggers during COVID-19
  • How loneliness impacts mental health
  • The importance of staying connected during social distancing
  • How to navigate anxiety as we begin the journey out of social distancing restrictions

Whether you are in recovery from a substance use disorder or eating disorder, struggling with mental health, or supporting a loved one in their own recovery, this event is sure to provide you with concrete tools and heartfelt truths for your journey.

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Battling Eating Disorders in a COVID-19 World

Eating disorder recovery is HARD (understatement of the century). Now, amid the COVID-19 crisis, recovery can feel harder than ever. In this Say It Brave event, in partnership with Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders Association (ANAD), Shannon Kopp (MFA) and Samantha Lach (MA, LCPC) will discuss tools for overcoming specific, COVID-19 challenges to recovery. Whether you are struggling with binge eating, anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, avoidant restrictive disorder (ARFID) or your relationship with food and body in general, don’t miss out on this free and uniquely supportive event. We’ll provide tools for coping with: 

-Increased food and diet culture talk amid COVID-19 
-New challenges to grocery shopping, stocking, and meal planning 
-Increased anxiety and depression 
-Changes to support systems 
-Safety concerns in your environment 
-Stepping out of secrecy and isolation during times of social distancing

A special thanks to our community partner: The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders‚Äč.

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When Depression Comes Knocking - Tools for Survival and Finding Your Light Again

Those of us who face mental health issues are feeling these anxious and uncertain times all the more deeply. COVID-19 is affecting our daily lives, and in some cases, making our struggles with depression worse.

Please join National Recovery Advocate, Shannon Kopp and Samantha Lach (MA, LCPC) for a free webinar offering compassionate support and concrete tools for healing from depression, especially when it feels like the world is falling apart:

-How to recognize when depression is knocking on your door
-Tools for surviving, and ultimately, overcoming depression, no matter how dark it’s been
-Quick and easy self-compassion exercises to help you get out of bed and into the world
-Local and national resources to support your healing journey

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Ditching Diet Culture and Dialing into Your Values

Diet culture is in full swing in January, banking on our insecurities and bombarding us with unhelpful messages about food and weight. In this special Say It Brave event, we’ll give you tools to ditch diet culture in 2020 (and beyond), so that you can reclaim your energy and focus on what really matters. Join Jennifer McAdams (MA, LCPC, CEDS-S), Meredith Nisbet (MS, LMFT) and Shannon Kopp (MFA) to learn how to:
-Heal from unhelpful messages about food and weight
-Set boundaries with your resolutions
-Turn towards internal cues for value-based living

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Sober Holidays: Finding the Courage to Put Your Recovery First

From Ugly Sweater Christmas Parties to New Year’s Eve to cold and lonely nights, December can be a difficult time to cope with eating disorders and substance use. In this Say It Brave Online Event with Leah Young (LCPC), Clinical Manager of Addiction Recovery Comprehensive Help Integrated Services at Eating Recovery Center, we’ll look at the science between eating disorders and addiction, and ways you can find the courage to put your recovery first. While the holidays can be a festive time for celebration, they also might also lead to feelings of stress and acting out in old patterns of behavior and communication. This season, take care of what’s most important (YOUR HEALING!).

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Having Your Own Back This Thanksgiving


No matter what we are going through, the Thanksgiving holiday can bring challenges to our mental wellness.
Maybe we are not sure how to set boundaries with certain family members. Maybe we’re struggling to prioritize eating disorder recovery during a holiday that can bring so many unhealthy messages about food and diet. Maybe we feel the pressure to host the “perfect” meal and family gathering at our house. We could even be grieving the loss of a loved one, and feeling anything but grateful this time of year.

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Navigating the Bermuda Triangle of the Holidays 

Maybe you’re overwhelmed by the pressure to fit into a Halloween costume. Maybe you’re struggling with depression, and the many Thanksgiving messages about gratitude just make you want to isolate even further. Maybe you feel the pressure to host “perfect” holiday parties, with “perfect” food and the “perfect” entertainment. Maybe you’re grieving the loss of a loved one this holiday season and are unsure of how to celebrate — or even cope with life — without them. For all these reasons and more, some people refer to Winter Holidays as the Bermuda Triangle. This time of year brings with it A LOT of social gatherings, meals, friends and family members, and triggers … which can create a perfect storm for our mental health. Join Shannon Kopp and Landry Yarborough LPC, NCC to discuss tools for practicing mental wellness and self-care through the end of the year and beyond.

Recovery Resiliency: What To Do When Nothing Is Working


Fighting for our mental wellness can be exhausting and discouraging at times. There are times that we work so hard to find the right provider or treatment approach and it doesn’t work out. There are times we give 110%, and we still find ourselves stuck again. There are even times we lose sight of our reasons for fighting and want to give up.

So what can we do when we lose hope and feel like nothing’s working? How can we reclaim our inner power and resilience?

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Charting Unknown Territory: Tools for Coping with Life Transitions

The only thing constant in life is change, but sometimes, change can feel painfully overwhelming. Maybe you are starting a new school or job. Maybe you've recently divorced or have moved to a new place or are starting a new relationship. No matter what has shifted in your life, it's important to know that you are not alone in your fears and uncertainty.

When Compare Meets Despair: Learning to Transform Envy into a Tool for Growth


Despite being universal, the emotion of envy often gets labeled bad and shameful. As a result, many of us reject it, stuff it down, and hide from the world. But pushing away envy can lead to isolation and depression, and it stops us from using it as a tool in our own growth. Yes, we said it: envy can be transformative!

Creating Community: Finding People Who Support Your Wellness & Love You for You

Happy Pride Month! In this Say It Brave online event, we discuss the importance of surrounding ourselves with people who love and accept us for who we are, and what to do when we find ourselves in unhealthy communities that are not promoting our health and wellbeing. Join Shannon Kopp, Dr. Ashley Solomon, and special guest, Eric Dorsa.

Breaking the Cycle: From Self-Sabotage to Self-Awareness

Host Shannon Kopp, national recovery advocate and Dr. Ashley Solomon welcome Robyn Cruze of Wide Wonder to talk bravely and openly about self-sabotage. Self-sabotage can occur in a myriad of ways; sometimes through extremely harmful behaviors, sometimes through more subtle forms. They address the natural impulse to get rid of negative feelings and discuss tangible ways to create self-awareness and compassion.

Brave Conversations: How Sharing Our Humanity Helps Us Heal

In a world craving Insta-stories and quick fixes, it can be hard to speak the raw, messy, unfiltered truth. Yet mental health issues grow stronger in secrecy and isolation. To heal, we must have brave—often uncomfortable—conversations.  Nationally recognized psychologist, Ashley Solomon, and national recovery advocate, Shannon Kopp discuss strategies and solutions.


Braving Recovey Webinars: 

Coping with Triggers and Feeling Too Much
Returning to Work or School After Leaving Treatment
Recovery with Family and Friends

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