Are You Facing Challenges After Bariatric Surgery? The Underlying Cause May Be an Eating Disorder.

Bariatric surgery is considered the most aggressive treatment for obesity.  Patients often turn to surgery in the hopes of:
  • Losing weight and maintaining the weight lost
  • Improving their health
  • Achieving a better quality of life

Disordered eating impacts 1 in 5 higher weight patients

While bariatric surgery can yield these benefits, eating disorders – such as binge eating disorder – that are not identified and treated before surgery will emerge after surgery. It’s crucial to understand that bariatric surgery won't cure your eating disorder. The good news is that our Binge Eating Treatment & Recovery Program will.
If you think you have binge eating disorder, please contact us for a free evaluation  before proceeding with bariatric surgery.

Signs of post-bariatric eating disorders

If you already had bariatric surgery and are still struggling with weight- and food-related issues, our Binge Eating & Treatment Recovery Program will help you deal with the underlying issues that surgery cannot address.
Please contact us if you are engaging in any of these post-bariatric surgery behaviors:
  • You have stopped eating altogether or eat very little since surgery.
  • You are intentionally not chewing food thoroughly so it becomes “plugged” and needs to be vomited up as a way to manage your weight.
  • You eat small meals and snacks all day long, perhaps just a handful of food every 30 minutes to every hour, which is resulting in weight regain.
You engage in other compulsive behaviors after bariatric surgery, including drug abuse, alcohol abuse, compulsive internet use, and compulsive gambling.

You Don’t Need to Struggle Alone

Eating Recovery Center’s innovative Binge Eating Treatment & Recovery Program for overweight patients goes beyond diet and exercise, integrating evidence-based strategies to support overweight individuals suffering from eating disorders. Our medically-supported programming is rooted in non-diet weight management and fuses mental health, dietary support and education, exercise/movement, and medical management to support lasting recovery for adults and adolescents.

Our Experts

Eating Recovery Center’s program is overseen by nationally-recognized experts in the area of eating disorder treatment for overweight individuals. As thought-leaders, we recognize the connection between mental health and weight management in the treatment of overeating, high weight and related conditions. At ERC’s facilities, you’ll receive treatment that is compassionate, customized and effective.

Family Involvement

Overeating impacts whole families. With accurate information, family members can support their loved one’s recovery, including healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes. Our Family Support Program emphasizes education and skill building through multi-family therapy, education, process groups and supported meals.

Our Presence

Eating Recovery Center offers programs across the country for the treatment of all eating disorder types. Our Binge Eating Treatment & Recovery Program for overweight patients is offered at four of our Eating Recovery Center locations and are specially-designed to meet the unique needs of binge eating disorder patients: Chicago, Illinois; Cincinnati, Ohio; San Antonio, Texas; and Sacramento, California.


Our Commitment

We are committed to helping you identify and change what is standing in the way of more controlled eating, and to develop a better relationship with food, activity, and your body so that you can recover the life you deserve.