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Providers of Care Quick Reference Guide

In contrast to other psychiatric diagnoses, comorbid medical complications and serious medical complications are a defining feature of eating disorders, and treating both is critical to lasting recovery. This brochure provides a summary of defining medical and psychiatric issues of eating disorders.

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Guidelines to Assessing Eating Disorders

Concise, yet comprehensive, card describing recommended guidelines for assessing eating disorders including laboratory tests, signs and symptoms, physical examination, and physical findings.

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Campuses Collaborating for Eating Disorder Recovery

Booklet authored by Casey N. Tallent, PhD, National Collegiate Outreach Director for Eating Recovery Center outlining how to identify students struggling with eating disorders and body image issues, best practices for establishing multi-disciplinary eating disorders treatment teams, and guidelines for treatment and referral practices.

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The Recovery Cookbook

A collection of recipes designed by ERC Registered Dietitians to support individuals and their family members in sustaining recovery. To assist with following an exchange-based meal plan, we have included exchange information for each recipe.

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Eating Disorder Behaviors in the Substance Use Disorder Population

Booklet authored by Robyn Cruze, MA, National Recovery Advocate, Eating Recovery Center outlining the identification of eating disorders in the substance use patient population, referral for treatment, and the importance of providing eating disorder treatment simultaneously or immediately following substance use disorder treatment.

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Treatment Outcomes Booklet

One of the greatest frustrations that families report is trying to obtain outcome results from eating disorder treatment programs. A comprehensive review of treatment program websites indicates that very few report any data-based outcomes and data that are reported generally lack research rigor. The information in this booklet is designed to help patients, families, and professionals understand some of the difficulties researchers face in measuring eating disorder treatment effectiveness and how to critically evaluate data that is presented.  Patient satisfaction and treatment effectiveness data from Eating Recovery Center is presented with the intention of reporting on our outcomes and providing examples of how to become a discriminating consumer of outcome data.

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