Self-Care Videos

If you are feeling anxious or distressed, take a moment to participate in one of the following guided self-care and mindfulness exercises. We will be adding more videos and recordings of live events in the coming weeks, so check back often. 

Mindfulness Yoga

Sometimes when our minds are busy and anxious, it can be helpful to move our bodies in a way that helps us to relax. The following are different poses that have been demonstrated to both calm down your body and your mind. You can use these when you're feeling overwhelmed or if you want to unwind before bed. 

Mindfulness Meditation

In this activity, we will use gentle guides to help you create a sense of mindfulness of the present moment. Mindfulness is a tool we can use to feel more connected to the present moment and to restore a sense of calmness and control. 


Expressive art therapies can aid in emotion regulation, helping us tolerate pain and distress without acting from a place of high emotion, vulnerability or impulsivity. These therapies encompass a wide variety of tools, including things like painting, drawing, dance, spoken word or drama, song, and writing or journaling. 

Writing, in particular, has metaphorical significance for the path of recovery. Historically, the practice of journaling helped guide and protect travelers on long journeys. It aided adventurers by keeping a record of their location and path home - for safety and guidance. Through journaling, we can become more aware or open to new thoughts or actions that might improve our ability to cope. 

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