Finding the Virtual Treatment Program Right for You

Our Virtual IOP was designed and developed by leading experts in telebehavioral health. The program models the experience at ERC’s numerous on-site, brick-and-mortar IOP locations, but with added benefits regarding convenience and flexibility. ERC’s eight-week program involves approximately 11 hours per week of evidence-based treatment with licensed, specialized professionals to help interrupt symptoms and build a foundation of resilience that supports patients as they move on to life outside treatment.
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Program Elements

Individual & Group Therapy

  • Patients learn emotion-regulation skills and adaptive coping techniques during one weekly individual or family therapy session.
  • Patients attend three, 3-hour groups weekly, including a therapy group, nutrition group and meal support group.
  • For child and adolescent patients, a parent/guardian is required to be available during the group and individual sessions. A parent/guardian is also required to be present at meal support group to learn how to assist.

Nutrition & Meal Guidance

  • Patients receive education and help establishing structure and interrupting disordered behaviors during one weekly session with a registered dietitian.
  • Patients use the Recovery Record app to log food and beverage intake as well as track thoughts and mood . Treatment team members bring this information into both group and individual settings to create targeted interventions. For child and adolescent patients, parents use Recovery Record to log their child’s meals, snacks, beverages and observations about their child’s mood states.

Convenient Support for Long-Lasting Recovery

Whether you’re at home, in a dorm room or participating from another private location, you can access specialized, guided eating disorder treatment with just a computer and an internet connection.

  • Led by our team of licensed, renowned professionals with extensive training in telebehavioral health ethics and delivery
  • Collaborative care teams including a therapist, psychiatrist and dietitian provide virtual online therapy and treatment
  • Small group therapy sessions allow patients to connect with peers and practice their skills in a supportive setting
  • Family and alumni support offered throughout the program empowers families, friends and support systems to better support their loved ones
  • At home medical monitoring kit with ClearStep numberless scales sent directly to you. Your team will send you a scale and blood pressure cuff to use for the duration of your admission for a convenient and effective way to obtain blind weights and vitals


Eating Recovery Center is accredited through the Joint Commission. This organization seeks to enhance the lives of the persons served in healthcare settings through a consultative accreditation process emphasizing quality, value and optimal outcomes of services.

Organizations that earn the Gold Seal of Approval™ have met or exceeded The Joint Commission’s rigorous performance standards to obtain this distinctive and internationally recognized accreditation. Learn more about this accreditation here.

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