“At Eating Recovery Center, we understand the inherent anxiety involved with seeking eating disorders treatment—personally, logistically and financially. We are available around-the-clock to answer questions, address concerns and help patients and their families feel comfortable and confident in their decision to pursue treatment in our programs.”Jeana Cost, MS, LPC, NCC, Admissions Director

Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses that can take over your life, threaten your health and challenge your relationships with family, friends and colleagues. It takes strength and courage to acknowledge the ways in which your eating disorder is negatively affecting your life, and Eating Recovery Center is here to support you as you move along the path to lasting eating disorders recovery.

Entering a treatment involves more than identifying an admissions date and meeting patients and their families at the door. Rather, it involves careful consideration of patient’s personal story, as well as an exploration of financial resources to support treatment. At Eating Recovery Center, our admissions process—which we refer to as Clinical Assessment—is conducted by a team of Master’s-level therapists and involves comprehensive assessment of each patient’s medical, psychological and social history and personal needs in order to determine the appropriate level of care and support the treatment team in designing an individualized treatment plan.

Our highly knowledgeable Clinical Assessment staff conducts a series of thorough assessments with both the patient and referring professional—and family members, when appropriate— prior to admission. If lab work is necessary, the team will coordinate the exam on behalf of the patient.In some circumstances, Eating Recovery Center might not be the most appropriate treatment center to address your unique needs. In these instances, the Clinical Assessment team will help you find a treatment resource that can help you achieve lasting eating disorder recovery. Learn more about the Clinical Assessment team here.

Also here to serve you as you explore a higher level of care are the dedicated members of Eating Recovery Center’s Business Office. The Business Office serves as the liaison between you and third-party payers to ensure insurance benefits are fully leveraged to make treatment financially accessible. Prior to admission, the Business Office team will make every effort to verify insurance benefits and educate patients and their families about possible financial obligations associated with eating disorders treatment.

Learn more about the admissions process at Eating Recovery Center.

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To speak with our Clinical Assessment team, contact Eating Recovery Center toll free at 877-825-8584.


Eating Disorders in College

The transition to a college campus and a new freedom-filled life leads students to create new life paths and lasting relationships. What can we do when this major transition contributes to an eating disorder in a friend or family member?


After four years of closed doors for recovery via inpatient treatment for my daughter who had relapsed after 15 years of walking in recovery, I found hope for her recovery through the program offered at Eating Recovery Center. My husband and our adult children received similar hope through family therapy and Family Days experiences.

-Mary K., parent of patient