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Eating Disorder Information and Resources

Eating Disorder Resources for Patients, Families and Professionals

Eating Recovery Center has published a wealth of information and research focused on topics related to eating disorders awareness and eating disorders treatment. View our resources for patients, families and professionals to educate yourself about these life-threatening illnesses.

Family Resources

Learn more about eating disorders to support yourself,  your family and your loved one.

Patient Resources

Learn more about eating disorders and treatment and take back your life.

Professional Resources

Learn about best practices in eating disorder treatment.

Eating Recovery Center Foundation

The Foundation provides information, education and training on best practices for identification and treatment of eating disorders. Learn more.

Eating Disorders Information Gateway

The Gateway is a free, constantly updated publicly-accessible database of citations on eating disorders including medical journal articles, books, handouts, policy papers, and creative works. Begin your search.

Eating Recovery Center Blog

Frequent posts on eating disorders, eating disorder treatment, eating recovery, and our programs.

Media Resources

Learn more about eating disorders and Eating Recovery Center.