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Body image has morphed. How do we learn to love our bodies?

April 14, 2024
USA Today
Meredith Nisbet was a featured guest on USA Today's The Excerpt to discuss body positivity and image, and navigating healthy ways we view ourselves in an age of Ozempic. In the interview, Nisbet discusses the complexities around GLP-1 agonist medications and the impact on those in the body positivity movement and those with eating disorders or disordered eating. "When we know that these medications mimic some of the symptoms of some eating disorders, it can be really concerning for folks who are in a body positive community who are trying to learn to accept themselves in their current body, who are maybe on an anti-diet journey and are pursuing values aligned with that. It can be really difficult to swallow that someone is taking a medication that mimics something that they've struggled with and maybe they're in recovery from, and that they may know the risks of the medication that we don't really know how it could affect someone who is in recovery from an eating disorder or who has an active eating disorder, or even just someone who is at risk genetically or environmentally from an eating disorder."

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The mass media has pushed skinny on us for decades. And while doctors encourage healthy eating and lower body mass indexes, the body positivity movement supports the inclusion of all shapes and sizes, emphasizing loving the skin you’re in. But there are even more fractures in this conversation when it comes to the newest weight loss fad and object of desire: the drug Ozempic and its competitors like Wegovy and Mounjaro.

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