Sharing Stories of Recovery and Hope

We are excited to share with you Mental Note, our Eating Recovery Center & Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center podcast that highlights both the work and the beauty of mental health recovery. Our stories span a variety of mental illness struggles and we introduce you to relatable personalities with in-depth conversations into how they chose health amidst daunting illnesses. At the end of it all, this podcast provides hope that recovery is possible—and worth it. We hope you find are inspired by these real-life stories. Enjoy!


Mental Note

Big Booty Pride: Body Positivity & Systemic Racism with Gloria Lucas

Join us as we trace Gloria's journey to create a place of healing for communities suffering from generational trauma and cultural exclusion and racism. Discover ways to support both yourself and the people around you.

Meet the Host: Ellie Pike, MA, LPC

Ellie Pike is the Sr. Manager of Alumni/Family/Community Outreach at Eating Recovery Center and Pathlight Mood & Anxiety Center. Over the years, she creatively combined her passions for clinical work with education and resources. She worked as an outpatient therapist for adolescent girls and women and in addition, she served as an Adjunct Professor for 5 years at Elon University. Ellie’s true love (besides her husband, toddler, dog and chickens) is listening to and sharing stories. 

Ellie Pike, MA, LPC

Where to Listen

Mental Note is available here on our website, as well as via most major podcasting apps and platforms. Just search for Mental Note and start exploring! While you're there, please consider leaving us a short review or story about how Mental Note has helped you on your recovery or mental health education journey. We would love to hear from you! 

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Be brave. Be authentic. Share your truth. The funny thing is, this message is exactly what I encourage others to do as a therapist and podcast host. But when I’m faced with the reality of saying what I really want to say, I clam up and get fearful of the outcome. In the words of author, Cheryl Strayed, 'Bravery is acknowledging your fear and doing it anyway.'

Ellie Pike, Host of Mental Note

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