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Say It Brave is an inclusive community that provides resources, hope and inspiration. In a world that stigmatizes mental health, we believe that sharing your truth in a safe space, or saying it brave, is essential to healing. Sign up below to receive our newsletter, and join a community of truth-tellers and recovery-seekers.

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In Say It Brave Masterclasses, nationally recognized thought leaders shed light on the most pressing topics in mental health. The tools and perspectives shared are beneficial for both providers and people with lived experience of mental health issues.

  • Clinicians and behavioral health providers receive 1 CE credit hour per event and the opportunity to hear provider and patient perspectives.
  • Individuals on a recovery journey receive a self-reflection tool, resource list, and a whole lot of inspiration!
  • Each Masterclass features a nonprofit organization bringing hope and vital resources to individuals with mental health issues.

Registration is free.


Collective Conversations
Hosted by members of our Say It Brave Collective, these candid conversations focus on the wins, the setbacks, and the collective “oh wow, someone else feels this way, too!” topics via Instagram Live, in an open and supportive dialogue on mental health.

Shining a Light on Recovery
Authors Robyn Cruze and Kara Richardson Whitely host a monthly virtual gathering for to discuss the challenges, goals, truth and triumphs that make up life’s adventure that we call recovery.

Queen and Sober
A monthly virtual series where National LGBTQIA Mental Health Advocate, Eric Dorsa, interviews guests on all topics LGBTQIA and mental health as their drag persona, Fonda K.


Brave Beats
Your go-to email for the most up-to-date mental health news, research, and resources. In quick, digestible reads, we break down stories that inspire courage and connect the dots on recovery issues affecting your life. Launching in April.

Nonprofit Partner Resources
Every month, receive information about community resources, support groups and programs from nonprofit organizations making a difference in mental health.

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Say it Brave Collective Members

Say It Brave Collective

In the Say It Brave Collective, artists, storytellers, clinicians and advocates come together to share their hope and personal experiences with mental health. Their work reminds us that sometimes our deepest struggles are like push-off points that can lead us in the direction of bigger, brighter lives.

Brave Resources

When it comes to healing from mental health issues, or attempting anything brave and honest, many of us struggle with the fear of failure. We wonder: will I be worse off than before somehow? What will my life look like if I do commit to healing?  

The reality is that most of us stumble along the way to finding these answers. It’s far more normal to have setbacks in the healing process than it is to flawlessly succeed from day one.   

Say It Brave resources are designed to support all aspects of your mental health journey … your setbacks, wins, and everything in between. 

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Say It Brave Partners

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