Anorexia Nervosa Overview

What is Anorexia Nervosa?

Anorexia nervosa – oftentimes simply called anorexia – is a serious medical and mental health condition that can be life-threatening without treatment.

Some of the more common anorexia symptoms include:

  • An obsessive fear of weight gain

  • Refusal to maintain a healthy body weight

  • Distorted body image

  • Restricting caloric intake

  • Purging calories consumed

Anorexia nervosa is the most deadly mental illness, with a higher mortality (death) rate than any other mental illness. Due to this complexity, this condition requires comprehensive anorexia treatment from an experienced, multidisciplinary approach to include medical and psychiatric stabilization, nutritional intervention and psychological support.

Anorexia and co-occuring issues

Anorexia often occurs alongside other mental illnesses, including:

  • Depression

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Mood disorders

  • Personality disorders

  • Obsessive compulsive disorders

  • Substance abuse

When any of these co-occurring mental illnesses are present, they can intensify the sufferer’s symptoms of anorexia and associated health risks.

Is recovery from anorexia nervosa possible?

The good news is that, with proper treatment, a full and lasting recovery from anorexia is possible. If you think that you or a loved one might need help, please take our short anorexia self-assessment test or call us at 877-825-8584 to schedule a free, confidential consultation with an Eating Recovery Center Masters-level clinician.

Eating Recovery Center is the nation’s only vertically integrated healthcare system dedicated to the treatment of eating disorders, like anorexia, at all levels of care. ERC's anorexia treatment center includes inpatient treatment, residential treatment, partial hospitalization treatment and intensive outpatient treatment.
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