If you are searching for a meaningful career, you’ve come to the right place. Our compassionate team at Pathlight-ERC is key to our success as an organization, and we lead with our mission always on the forefront: to take the very best care of patients, families, providers and our employees, as we deliver the highest quality treatment for patients with eating disorders and mood and anxiety disorders!

Our team works hard for a purposeful mission, and in return we strive to give back to our teams supportive work environments, ample opportunity for career growth, and comprehensive benefits designed to help each person guide and achieve physical, financial, and mental health goals.

A group of adolescent patients works with a therapist in a  group environment

Job Opportunities

Thinking about a career in mental health? We want to be your first experience, and empower YOU to explore a rewarding career path. Whether you’re a high school graduate or in search of a clinical internship or fellowship, we have many ways to learn and grow alongside our teams. Learn more about future opportunities and sign up today!

Patient intake at Dallas treatment center

Culture at ERC Pathlight

Compassionate people create empowered teams. At Pathlight-ERC, we have outstanding teams who work selflessly each day for each other and their patients. Our mission lights the way for our actions. No matter which position you are interested in pursuing, our organization is filled with people who guide with empathy and create empowered places for continued development. Read more about our benefits here.


Our Values & Mission

People desire to feel purpose in their careers, and what we do day in and day out is serve people who need our guidance.

Eating Recovery Center’s mission is to take the very best care of patients, families, providers, and our teammates as we deliver the highest quality treatment for patients with eating disorders and mood disorders.

Core Values


We pledge to treat those we serve with kindness and compassion by embracing the whole person – emotionally, spiritually and medically.


We pledge to take personal responsibility for the services we offer by pursuing positive experiences for our patients, their families and each other.


We pledge to be the best in the treatment of eating disorders by committing to exceptional service and outstanding quality of care.


We pledge to always seek innovative solutions to help us excel in our daily work environment by improving how we care for patients.


We pledge to work jointly with our partners and each other to achieve outcomes that are beneficial to our patients and co-workers.


Be well: Here’s a peek at what wellness means to us!

Educational Assistance Program

With our Educational Assistance Program, Pathlight-ERC will contribute up to a certain, substantial amount of money per calendar year for reimbursement for your education to help you further your career.

Health Insurance

A company cannot be healthy if its employees are not. We offer robust medical insurance plans and excellent fringe programs through HealthComp with access to the Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield network.

Retirement Plan

Our robust 401(k) plan is a retirement savings plan designed to allow eligible employees to supplement any existing retirement and pension benefits by saving and investing before-tax dollars through a voluntary salary contribution. A wide variety of investment options are available through our plan, and employees are automatically enrolled at the beginning of the first quarter following just two months of working with us!

Entry Level Roles

We can train someone to do a job but we can’t train a person to have compassion. If you have a passion for mental health and are moved by our mission, then you are in the right place. We offer many entry level positions. If you’re curious about what's available or learning more, read more today or sign up for future opportunities.

As a member of the Response Team, I begin to light the way from the first moment we pick up the phone. I strive to make each call a normalized and easy process, whether its a client, provider or parent. I want to ensure each patient has a thorough understanding of the steps they need to take to enter treatment, so the path towards admission is as clear as possible.

Jordan Ziemann, Response Team

A Day in the Lif of an ERC Pathlight Team Member


Professional Relations Liaison (PRL) - Day in the Life

Alumni & Family Liaison (AFL) - Day in the Life

Day in the Life - Behavioral Health Counselor (BHC)

The Behavioral Health Counselor provides constant and comprehensive patient supervision and support, facilitate psycho-educational groups and contribute to overall implementation of therapeutic programming including experiential therapy, meal-time and bathroom support. The Behavioral Health Counselor will ensure a safe and therapeutic environment and plays a key role in the recovery of patients with eating and mood disorders.

Day in the Life - Nursing

Our Registered Nurses provide constant and comprehensive patient care, perform ongoing assessments and develop individualized treatment plans in conjunction with the ERC multidisciplinary team. This role provides structure and contribute to the implementation of therapeutic programming by using the nursing process to meet patient’s bio-psycho and social spiritual needs.

Day in the Life - Dietitian

The Registered Dietitian provides nutrition assessments and counseling to patients and also works as part of the interdisciplinary team to provide input on individual patients’ nutritional status.

Day in the Life - Clinical Assessment Team (CAT)

The Clinical Assessment Team is responsible for responding to all inquiries regarding the services provided by Eating Recovery Center and Pathlight from the initial point of contact until admission. The team plays a pivotal role in determining the appropriate level of care by assessing a patient’s clinical information.

Eating Recovery Center is accredited through the Joint Commission. This organization seeks to enhance the lives of the persons served in healthcare settings through a consultative accreditation process emphasizing quality, value and optimal outcomes of services.

Organizations that earn the Gold Seal of Approval™ have met or exceeded The Joint Commission’s rigorous performance standards to obtain this distinctive and internationally recognized accreditation. Learn more about this accreditation here.

Joint Commission Seal