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Kris Ramos of Eating Recovery Center On How To Support A Loved One Who Is Struggling With An Eating Disorder

Kris Ramos is a featured guest in this Authority Magazine / Medium piece about supporting a loved one with an eating disorder. Ramos not only shares important tips, but also offers words of hope for those reading who might be struggling; strategies for building resilience; and ideas for individuals, corporations, communities, and leaders to help address issues around eating disorders.
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How to Know If Picky Eating Is a Phase or an Eating Disorder

Dr. Elizabeth Wassenaar is featured in this informative Denver 9News segment which raises awareness about Avoidant/Restrictive Food Intake Disorder (ARFID). Here, Dr. Wassenaar shares when "picky eating" in children is more than "just a phase" and could signal they have an eating disorder and outlines signs/symptoms of ARFID; how caregivers can support their children; and where to get help.
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Do You Experience 'Euphoric Recall'? Here's Why It Can Be Toxic.

Leah Young recently shared her perspective on "euphoric recall" -- when someone recounts a negative experience in a positive light -- with HuffPost writer Ashley Broadwater. The article examines what euphoric recall is and how it happens. Young notes, “the same part of the brain that is stimulated during a pleasant experience is also activated when we’re remembering it. We can then minimize experienced consequences, exaggerate the positives and justify any associated costs." The article also provides helpful information about responding to and addressing euphoric recall.
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Body image has morphed. How do we learn to love our bodies?

Meredith Nisbet was a featured guest on USA Today's The Excerpt to discuss body positivity and image, and navigating healthy ways we view ourselves in an age of Ozempic. In the interview, Nisbet discusses the complexities around GLP-1 agonist medications and the impact on those in the body positivity movement and those with eating disorders or disordered eating. "When we know that these medications mimic some of the symptoms of some eating disorders, it can be really concerning for folks who are in a body positive community who are trying to learn to accept themselves in their current body, who are maybe on an anti-diet journey and are pursuing values aligned with that. It can be really difficult to swallow that someone is taking a medication that mimics something that they've struggled with and maybe they're in recovery from, and that they may know the risks of the medication that we don't really know how it could affect someone who is in recovery from an eating disorder or who has an active eating disorder, or even just someone who is at risk genetically or environmentally from an eating disorder."
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Managing Stress and Anxiety During College-Decision Season

Dr. Ellen Astrachan-Fletcher was a featured guest on WGN9's Daytime Chicago to discuss how students--and their caregivers--can manage stress and anxiety during the college decision season. In this segment, Dr. Astrachan-Fletcher shares signs your child is struggling with stress; tips for helping them manage; and how to support your child and get help.
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Weight Loss Drugs Can Lift or Lower Mood in Unpredictable Ways

HealthCentral recently featured Dr. Elizabeth Wassenaar in this piece that examines the use of GLP-1 agonists as weight loss medications. In the article, Dr. Wassenaar notes, "The impact of drugs like semaglutide on mental health is not yet well understood. . . .What we are seeing is that for some patients who have a history of an eating disorder, using GLP-1 agonists seems to be associated with relapses of their eating disorder."
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The least villainous thing about Trump is his weight

A nice nod to our Mental Note podcast in this Salon article which discusses weight stigma. In the article, the writer refers to the 2021 episode with actress Jen Ponton and the discussion around Fatphobia, activism, Hollywood, and practical ways to push back against the marginalization of fat people.

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