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Is Food Addiction Real? What the Experts Say

January 5, 2023
Dr. Anne Marie O'Melia is quoted in this Healthline piece discussing "food addiction" and the controversy and discussion surrounding similarities and differences with substance use disorder. The article references research reviews, overall characteristics, symptoms, how "food addiction" impacts the brain, as well as tips for how to overcome compulsive food habits.

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Most people have likely experienced a food craving at some point, but when does it become something more than just a craving?

Highly processed and fast foods may contain ingredients that make consumers want to eat them again and again, but is it accurate to call these foods addictive?

The topic is controversial, and some feel the term “addiction” should be reserved for substance abuse issues.

On top of that, the research behind the psychology of food addiction is mixed, as are expert opinions, further complicating things.

Still, experts agree on at least one thing: If you’re struggling with eating, help is available, and you deserve it.

Here’s what experts want you to know about the potential—or lack thereof—behind food addiction, plus how to find help if you need it.


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