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Very Concerning'Body-Checking' Trends Have Made Their Way to Tik Tok

December 10, 2021
USA Today
USA Today examines a concerning trend on Tik Tok, and Regional Clinical Director Allison Chase provides expert insight.

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TikTok is home to many viral trends that range from heartwarming to hilarious, but another content niche is popping up on the app that has experts concerned: body-checking trends.

Chelsea M. Kronengold, communications lead at the National Eating Disorders Association describes body-checking as "observing and taking mental note of what your body shape, weight, appearance or size looks like."

While anyone can engage in body-checking, it becomes problematic when it involves "obsessive, intrusive thoughts and behaviors" about your body.

"For example, when someone walks by a mirror or window that shows a reflection, they’ll likely take a peek and continue on without giving it another thought. For people struggling with body image, body checking can be all-consuming, and they might poke and prod while staring at their reflection."

Several body-checking trends have made their way to TikTok, with the hashtag #bodychecking reaching 5.5 million views. One that has gained attention involves assessing the size of your wrist by seeing how many fingers fit around it.

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