Warning Signs of Eating Disorder Relapse


Early detection and intervention are key for keeping your child/loved one on the path of recovery. Listed below are some Red Light tips on what to look for to quickly identify if your loved one is relapsing.

 Examples of Red Light Signs

  • Taking a longer time to finish meals
  • Delaying nighttime snack until very late
  • Locking the door to his/her room after meals
  • Becoming more irritable with noticeable surge in anxiety and depression
  • Refusing to eat, refusing entire categories of food or hiding food
  • Exercising in secret
  • Sleep loss including insomnia
  • Extreme surge in anxiety and depression in conjunction with any other red light sign
  • Weight loss or unexpected /unaccounted for weight change

 Reminders for Relapse Recovery

  • Relapse does not mean failure.
  • Seek professional help immediately.
  • Your child has been through this before and he/she can get through it again.

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