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Make a #LoveYourTree poster on your own or with a group. Grab your own art supplies and join the fun right where you are! 

How It Works: Love Your Tree is an art-based program that celebrates body diversity and body acceptance. Participants are encouraged to explore and express acceptance and gratitude for their bodies  (all bodies!) using the metaphor of a tree.  Your poster will help to share that message with the world.  

Goal: Explore the concept of self-acceptance and create a poster to help celebrate body positivity and self-love in our world.  Use the phrase,  “Like a tree, my body...” to express your message. 

Poster Creation Guidelines for Individuals

Poster Creation Guidelines for Workshop Facilitators

Tools Needed:  

  • Blank paper and pencil for sketching and brainstorming    
  • Your favorite art supplies or design tools (Ex: colored pencils, markers, pastels, crayons, paint, pen and ink or clippings and glue for collages, camera/original photography or digital design programs.)  

Step 1: Get Inspired   

  • Think about the ways in which the media highlights certain types of bodies and the messages it sends about what bodies are “supposed” to look like  
  • Think about the advertisements you see that are designed to make us feel dissatisfied with our bodies so we buy products or services to change them   
  • Imagine what the messaging might be if our media celebrated ALL bodies – all shapes, all abilities, all sizes and all colors…   

Step 2: Explore the Tree-Body Metaphor   

  • Fill out your copy of the Self-Exploration and Body Image Brainstorming worksheet  
  • Use your worksheet to start sketching ideas for a poster   
  • Quickly sketch a tree and a body separately – are there any similarities? How can you combine the two images?  
  • Identify specific WORDS or STATEMENTS that you want to include in your poster to express your statement, “Like a tree, my body is…”  
  • How do you want people to feel when they see your poster?  
  • Use the tree elements identified on your worksheets such as branches, tree trunks or roots to represent aspects of the body.  

Step 3: Create Your Poster   

  • Choose your final paper size (any size will work!) and the types of art supplies you prefer  
  • Bring your ideas to life! Spend as much or as little time as you’d like creating a poster that expresses your unique answer to the phrase “Like a tree, my body is…”  

Step 4: Share Your Poster

  • Share it on your social media and tag us with @eatingrecovery #LoveYourTree 
  • Fill out the form below!

Love Your Tree Submission

Thank you for participating in Love Your Tree, a creative arts campaign that celebrates the diversity of beauty and empowers viewers to embrace and appreciate all bodies while rejecting damaging media messages.  

Please submit your artwork below for a chance to be featured: 

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