How It Works

Love Your Tree is an art-based program that celebrates body diversity and body acceptance. Participants are encouraged to explore and express acceptance and gratitude for their bodies  (all bodies!) using the metaphor of a tree. Your poster will help to share that message with the world.

Tools Needed

Blank Paper

Pencil for Sketching

Colored Pencils



Anything You Want!


Explore Self Acceptance

You and your body are deserving of love, honor and acceptance - from others, and from yourself. How does your body reflect who you are, or what your experiences have been?

Celebrate Body Positivity

Like trees in a forest, we all go experience life within millions of different forms. All are valued, loved and have special characteristics that make them unique. 

Like a Tree, My Body...

Is strong. Is growing. Is rooted. Is unique. Is natural. How does your body reflect this metaphor?  


Ready to get started? Follow our guide to get involved with Love Your Tree! 

  • Step 1: Get Inspired

    -Think about the ways in which the media highlights certain types of bodies and the messages it sends about what bodies are “supposed” to look like  
    -Think about the advertisements you see that are designed to make us feel dissatisfied with our bodies so we buy products or services to change them   
    -Imagine what the messaging might be if our media celebrated ALL bodies – all shapes, all abilities, all sizes and all colors…   

  • Step 2: Explore the Tree-Body Metaphor

    -Fill out your copy of the Self-Exploration and Body Image Brainstorming worksheet  
    Use your worksheet to start sketching ideas for a poster   
    -Quickly sketch a tree and a body separately – are there any similarities? How can you combine the two images?  
    -Identify specific WORDS or STATEMENTS that you want to include in your poster to express your statement, “Like a tree, my body is…”  
    -How do you want people to feel when they see your poster?  
    -Use the tree elements identified on your worksheets such as branches, tree trunks or roots to represent aspects of the body.  

  • Step 3: Create Your Poster

    -Choose your final paper size (any size will work!) and the types of art supplies you prefer  
    -Bring your ideas to life! Spend as much or as little time as you’d like creating a poster that expresses your unique answer to the phrase “Like a tree, my body is…” 

  • Step 4: Share Your Poster

    -Share it on your social media and tag us with @eatingrecovery #LoveYourTree 
    -Fill out the form below!

Love Your Tree Submission

Thank you for participating in Love Your Tree, a creative arts campaign that celebrates the diversity of beauty and empowers viewers to embrace and appreciate all bodies while rejecting damaging media messages.  

Please submit your artwork for a chance to be featured.

Love Your Tree Submission Form

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  • 2 Upload
  • 3 Complete

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