Binge Eating Disorder: A Real Condition

If you experience frequent out-of-control eating, health complications related to your weight, or shame and guilt surrounding your eating habits, you’re not alone. Recovery from binge eating disorder is possible, leading to a healthy relationship with food and yourself.

Recovery from Binge Eating Disorder is Possible

Despite the fact that it affects 12 million Americans, binge eating disorder (BED) is a widely misunderstood mental health disorder and has long been underdiagnosed or misdiagnosed. BED goes beyond feeling “stuffed” or overeating on occasion.

If bingeing is a regular occurrence, with the feeling that you are “out of control” accompanied by feelings of shame and embarrassment--which can lead to depression, anxiety and isolation--then it’s time for you to have a professional evaluation. This can be the beginning of your journey to long-lasting recovery.

Binge Eating Disorder Treatment

If you have binge eating disorder, it does not mean you lack self-control. You have a mental health condition that requires specialized therapeutic care. There is no shame in having BED and there is no shame in seeking professional help.

We Are In-Network With All Major Commercial Insurance Providers

We are in network with most major insurance providers, believing that treatment should be accessible and affordable.

To ensure you can pursue treatment, our dedicated team will work on your behalf with your insurance provider, answer questions and provide guidance and support every step of the way.

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About Our Program

ERC's binge eating treatment program is like no other program. It is a clinically proven, research-based solution for binge eating disorder, developed and led by the industry’s top providers. The program offers patients with binge eating disorder specialized care – in a milieu of their own – to address compulsive eating behaviors in addition to co-occurring psychiatric and medical conditions.

Passionate, Compassionate Expert Care

You’ll receive 100% individualized treatment with a physician, therapist, psychiatrist and dietitian who will work collaboratively to coordinate all aspects of your care. Your team will help you normalize eating patterns as well as any other mental health diagnoses you may have, such as anxiety, depression, mood disorder, PTSD and any form of addiction or substance use disorder.

We’ll help you manage any medical complications you may have such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes and sleep disorders. ERC's binge eating treatment program is not a weight loss program; our goal is to support you in pursuing and living a healthier, more satisfying life. The outcome of interrupting eating disorder behaviors can ultimately lead to weight changes and stabilization of weight-related medical concerns. Our goals are to stop the bingeing cycle, stabilize wellbeing and provide you with the skills and confidence to pursue meaningful and rewarding lives.

A Place Designed Just for You

ERC's binge eating treatment program is offered at Eating Recovery Center locations across the country. Our centers are specifically-designed for our BED patients, with comfortable furniture in tranquil settings. You’ll receive one-on-one care from your treatment team, and the opportunity to interact with other BED patients in a small group setting.

Treatment can range from a few weeks to several weeks, depending on your specific needs. Patients who completed our program will tell you that their time in ERC's binge eating treatment program gave them their lives back. Post-program, 91% patients reported that they can manage overall lives letter; 80% reported more satisfying relationships; and 83% experienced fewer binge eating episodes per week.

  • You will never have to count calories again
  • You will have the change to enjoy your favorite foods
  • You will get relief from anxiety and depression
  • You will be able to pursue healthier relationships with your loved ones
  • You will once again enjoy life

There is no other program like ERC's binge eating treatment program. Let’s work together to break your cycle of dieting, deprivation and bingeing.

Treatment Locations

Eating Recovery Center has treatment facilities nationwide, full-service concierge assistance, housing and insurance assistance.

ERC was played a pivotal role in my recovery. In the two months I invested in my recovery at ERC I learned so many valuable skills that have afforded me a healthier, more stable, and productive life. I am truly grateful for the resources I obtained during my stay. I came in with no hope at all, I believed this would be just another type of "fat camp" or diet. Instead I recieved life skills and my hope and joy has been restored.


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