Denise Wilfley, PhD

Denise Wilfley, PhD

Dr. Wilfley's program of research centers on the causes, prevention, and treatment of eating disorders and obesity among children, adolescents, and adults.

Current programs of research include: (1) the classification, characterization, assessment, and risk factors of eating and weight-related disorders; (2) the development of effective treatments for individuals suffering from eating disorders and obesity; and (3) the development of innovative and cost-effective methods for early intervention and prevention of eating disorders and obesity. Dr. Wilfley’s pioneering work at the intersection of eating disorders and obesity has been integral to the formal recognition of binge eating disorder and to establishing the efficacy of interventions for recurrent binge eating syndromes. She also has developed evidence-based treatments for children and families that reduce obesity, improve nutrition and physical activity, and enhance psychosocial outcomes. She collaborates with multi-sector stakeholders to accelerate the adoption of evidence-based treatments into community settings, and she is a leader in the use of technology for addressing gaps in the prevention and treatment of eating disorders. Finally, Dr. Wilfley has an extensive track record in not only directing clinical research programs but also in training the future generation of clinical researchers.

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