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Missing The Body You Used To Have? You May Be Experiencing 'Body Grief'

July 25, 2022
Huffington Post
This article by Ashley Broadwater on features ERC's Meredith Nisbet. The article highlights body grief and the mental health effects this can have, and gives information about how to cope with this grief and links to resources.

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Have you ever looked at pictures of your high school self and longed to look like that again? Or maybe you found a pair of pants in your closet that you know don’t fit, but you can’t make yourself donate them because you want to get back to that size.

Letting go of our previous bodies (or even the body we never had, but wish we did) is an emotional thing. And no wonder: We live in a society where thinness is praised and seen as morally better, even though weight isn’t a moral issue.

If you’re longing for the body you wish you had, you may be struggling with “body grief.”


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