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The Implications of ‘Midsize’ Talk on TikTok Are Complicated—Here’s What To Consider

April 29, 2023
Well + Good
ERC National Clinical Response Manager Meredith Nisbet was quoted in this article about recent discussions on TikTok about being "Midsized" on Well + Good. In the piece, Nisbet contributes to the conversation noting, "'Midsize' is describing a group of folks who don't experience the stigma or limitations in navigating the world that fat folks do, but are carving out space to highlight their body image concerns and feelings of inadequacy compared to the thin ideal."

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n February, journalist Virginia Sole-Smith wrote an insightful newsletter about the “midsize” trend (and the problems that come with it). If you haven’t heard, many TikTokers are posting about having “midsize” bodies, or bodies that are between “straight-size” and “plus-size.” The hashtag #midsize has over 4.5 billion views, so it’s certainly being talked about a lot.

It’s a hot-button topic, too. The ultimate problem: Who is “allowed” to consider themselves “midsize”? As Sole-Smith writes, many creators are claiming the label just because they aren’t a size 2, and they refuse to hear criticism from people who live in larger bodies about the harm.

Before we dive in, it’s important to note this is a complicated topic. “Not every fat person thinks alike, of course,” wrote Sole-Smith in her new book, Fat Talk: Parenting in the Age of Diet Culture. “We each bring our own context, our own set of privileges or other intersecting identities, and our own unique experiences of our bodies and the world’s treatment of those bodies.”

Keeping that in mind, here’s what different experts and self-described midsize people have to say about this controversial label.


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