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Best Online Eating Disorder Therapy

February 17, 2023
VeryWell Mind
Verywell Mind awards Eating Recovery At Home "Best Online Eating Disorder Therapy"

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An eating disorder is a diagnosable condition involving abnormal eating habits that affect your health and day-to-day functioning. Eating disorders affect approximately 9% of the population and are likely underdiagnosed. Men, people with larger bodies, and people in historically marginalized communities often experience undiagnosed eating disorders, thanks to persistent cultural stereotypes about what people with eating disorders look like. Yet eating disorders are the second most deadly mental illness after opioid overdoses.

In fact, people between the ages of 15 and 24 who have anorexia are ten times more likely to die compared to their peers.

Emergency department visits for eating disorders doubled among adolescent girls between 2019 and January 2022.3 Still, the stigma surrounding eating disorders persists, meaning not everyone feels comfortable going into an office for therapy. Online therapy for eating disorders (and disordered eating) can be as effective—and more accessible—than in-person treatment. These sessions can be completed via video, phone calls, and messaging. To help you find the right therapist for you, we’ve identified the best online therapy companies for eating disorders.


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