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Female Athlete Nutrition: Eating Disorder Care & Treatment

May 19, 2021
Rise Up Nutrition
Dr. Elizabeth Wassenaar and Meredith Nisbet were interviewed on the Female Athlete Nutrition on a wide range of topics, including myths around eating disorder, body neutrality, and a Health at Every Size approach to care.

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This episode features two guests from the Eating Recovery Center (ERC), Dr. Elizabeth Wassenaar, MS, MD, CEDS the Denver regional medical director and Meredith Nisbet, MS, LMFT, CEDS licensed therapist and member of the ERC Clinical Response Team. We talk about what eating disorders are, how they present themselves, and how treatment at the Eating Recover Center can help. We also break down some myths regarding eating disorders and treatment, including discussions on body neutrality vs. body acceptance, body diversity, defining "health", using a Health At Every Size approach to care, and so much more!


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