Spotlight on Lasting Recovery: Alumni Profile with Jordan Loft

Jordan Loft, an Eating Recovery Center of Washington alumni, reflects on the journey of lasting recovery and why he says, “One Day at a Time! One Meal at a Time! Recovery is possible!”

Jordan Loft, an Eating Recovery Center of Washington alumni, reflects on the journey of lasting recovery and why he says, “One Day at a Time! One Meal at a Time! Recovery is possible!”

What does lasting recovery mean to you?

Lasting recovery means to me: that I am sticking to my meal plan (more intuitive) and separating the food from the emotions. Reaching out for support and dealing with life’s challenges without using ED as a way to cope. Grabbing onto my affirmations and breathing techniques to taking care of myself as well as to follow my plan. One Meal at a Time! One Day at a Time! Being mindful of my actions, being honest and open about my concerns and feelings, and being an authentic person inside and out.

What advice do you have for fellow alumni as they navigate their recovery journeys?

My advice to fellow alumni: I would suggest sticking to your meal plan, reaching out for support with therapy/ dietician/ support groups. Be honest with yourself and others. Be gentle on yourself and allow all emotions to surface. Make a pros and cons list of the eating disorder and yourself as a person (separate from ED). One Day at a Time! One Meal at a Time! Recovery is possible!

Tell us about your holidays – how did/will you stay recovery-focused during the holidays?

The holiday season can be a rough time. I focus on being with my family and enjoying the time with them and eating via my meal plan (now more intuitive). I definitely use my affirmations and breathing techniques to help through my anxiety as I have a lot of anxiety attached to eating and the eating disorder.

What is the greatest challenge you’ve faced since leaving treatment? How did you address this challenge?

I would say my greatest challenge after leaving treatment would be sticking to the meal plan! Also, applying ALL the skills and tools I learned at Eating Recovery Center of Washington. I addressed this challenge in therapy and group sessions. Having accountability from my family and team kept me in check (even when I did not want to be).

Has anything surprised you about the recovery process?

I would say the biggest surprise is that I found out that my ED voices were the bullies that bullied me in school. They are voices from my past trauma. That couldn’t be more fitting. The second biggest surprise is working thru sexuality issues. Lastly, the strangest surprise is that if you work the program you actually gain more out of LIVING than going against the program. “Work it because you are worth it.” Recovery really is possible and I have seen first hand that I can be in recovery if I continue to surrender and realize there is WAY MORE TO LIFE than ED.

Do you have any inspirational quotes, sayings or affirmations you would like to share with fellow alumni?

“I am Country Strong” (my nickname), “You can do this”, “You are more than your body”, “Your body does not define you”, “Sexuality does not define you”, “I am loved for who I am, not what I am.”

Have you been able to attend the Alumni Retreat, and if so, in what ways was the experience beneficial?

I was honored to be able to attend my first Alumni Retreat at Eating Recovery Center of Washington on July 26th, 2014! The theme was “resilience” and I really enjoyed re-connecting with fellow alumni and participating in the events. The closing ceremony was my favorite part. We wrote on balloons (toxic things we are thinking or still holding on to) then released them outside, signifying a release of anxiety and fear. It was emotional and the perfect close to the 2014 Alumni Retreat.

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