Thanksgiving Reflections from Deborah Michel, PhD, CEDS

Deborah Michel, PhD, CEDS of Eating Recovery Center, The Woodlands offers Thanksgiving reflections.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I have been reflecting on the professional experiences, events, and people for which I am grateful.   To begin, my professional life has been transformed by my partnership with Eating Recovery Center.  I have worked with the healthcare providers in Denver at all levels of care since the day their doors opened, as I understood their commitment to outstanding treatment and devotion to patient care.  As a part of the same group now, I know I am in a position to help a greater number of individuals and families in the extended Woodlands area recover from these potentially life threatening illnesses.   The passion for eating disorder recovery demonstrated by all affiliated with Eating Recovery Center is admirable, and I am thankful to be part of such a dedicated group including the staff of Eating Recovery Center, The Woodlands. On the heels of the Houston National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) walk last week, I am grateful for the stories of hope and recovery that were shared.  The energy and enthusiasm were palpable and I think felt by all who attended, creating renewed vigor for eating disorder treatment.  I so appreciate the colleagues and families who participated as well as those who were unable to attend.  The funds raised will be used to help NEDA in the education and prevention of eating disorders. In contrast to years past, we presently know more about the development and effective treatment of eating disorders.  Though still a growing field, researchers and clinicians are working together so as to better inform our treatment practices.  This, in turn, assists us in successfully battling these illnesses which is sorely needed and appreciated. Finally, I must express my gratitude to those who entrust me with their care and the work we do together.  It is truly a privilege to be trusted with a person’s innermost thoughts and feelings as you journey with them on their path to recovery.  The courage, perseverance, and determination I witness on a daily basis is astounding.  It is so gratifying to see a person who has been suffering begin to blossom as he or she discovers his or her values, opinions, and ultimately, sense of self.  Though eating disorder treatment can be challenging, the joy of seeing someone realize recovery is breathtaking. Happy Thanksgiving!

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