August 17, 2017

How to Combat Treatment Resistance

Many of our referring colleagues share with us their challenges of moving their patients into a higher level of care. They know their patient would benefit from our multi-disciplinary eating disorder treatment program, but the patient is resistant for myriad reasons.
Reason 1: “It’s not a good time”
Earlier this week we shared with our Facebook community an article that Hannah, a college intern, wrote on our behalf for the entitled “Why It’s More Than Okay to Leave School for Eating Disorder Treatment.”
It spurred a lively discussion amongst patients who’ve take time away from “the real world” to focus on treatment and those patients who are in the midst of making that decision. The prevailing sentiment was: there’s never a good time and your life will always be on hold until you treat your illness.
Whether it’s a mother leaving her family, an employee taking a leave of absence from work or a student taking a semester off, Hannah’s reasons ring true. We invite you to share this article with your patients and to take advantage of the talking points it provides.
Reason 2: Your patient is resistant to treatment
Many of our patients grudgingly enter treatment with us – and that’s okay. We know it’s just the beginning of a long and sometimes tempestuous journey to a place where they are ready to accept the treatment that is being offered to them. We’re accustomed to this resistance and trained to handle it.
Recently Dena, one of our Alumnus, wrote a very public letter to us, thanking her for saving her life. She freely admits she was a challenging patient: “Thank you for turning the most cynical, broken person with an inability to trust into the one you see today.”
There’s hope for all patients in struggle.
Any time you identify a patient you believe needs a higher level of care, please call us at 877-411-3147 or use our new quick admit tool on our Professional Portal to begin the referral process for your patient.
We’ll work with you to help your patient feel comfortable with that decision and plan a smooth transition into our care. We want to be your partner in helping your patient achieve full and lasting recovery.
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