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How is Binge Eating Treated?

You can recover from binge eating disorder — with the right help! The specialized binge eating disorder treatment team at Eating Recovery Center works closely with diverse individuals to understand how each person has unique biological, psychological and social factors that contribute to their illness.

Binge Eating Treatment

When you decide to begin treatment for binge eating disorder (BED), our team will develop an individualized treatment plan designed to give you the best possible chance for a full and lasting recovery. And yes, insurers do cover treatment for binge eating disorder

How does binge eating treatment work?

In order to stop disordered eating, we must intervene at a behavioral level. This means that we will address eating disorder behaviors in treatment. Another important area to address is that your treatment team will seek to understand any emotional or psychological issues that may be contributing to your disordered eating behavior.

In addition to addressing behavioral and psychological contributors to the illness, it is important to identify and treat any co-occurring illnesses you may have. Many people who struggle with binge eating have one or more concerns aside from the eating disorder, including:

Through our comprehensive binge eating disorder treatment program, we seek to normalize eating patterns, stabilize medical comorbidities and improve quality of life issues. 

This is our approach to stopping binge eating

Higher-weight individuals with binge eating disorder often tell us that they want to admit to a program with a clear “weight-loss strategy;” they say they are looking for programs that have weight loss as a goal.

Our internationally-recognized binge eating disorder treatment experts believe that the more effective way to help patients struggling with BED is by focusing first on remedying the disordered eating, finding solutions to the overeating, and addressing any underlying issues. Through this approach, weight loss may occur.

The Eating Recovery Center is the nation's only health care system dedicated to the treatment of binge eating disorders at all levels of care. The binge eating treatment center includes inpatient treatment, residential treatment, partial hospitalization treatment and intensive outpatient treatment.

Our innovative recovery program is designed to meet the needs of diverse patients struggling with binge eating. For binge eating help, please call us at 877-825-8584.

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