Bonnie Violet

Bonnie Violet

Bonnie Violet is a trans femme genderqueer spiritual drag artist and digital chaplain. She is a YouTuber & Host of a queer chaplain podcast with such series as Drag & Spirituality, TranSpirit and Faith Leaders. She is the Co-host of Splintered Grace with her conservative Christian aunt, and At the CCC recovery podcast. She is the creator and founder of Allies Linked for the Prevention of HIV & AIDS (a.l.p.ha.), and the annual Drag & Spirituality Summit.

Bonnie Violet shares her experience, strength and hope of living with HIV for 24 years, recovering from drugs, alcohol, and sexual assault among other things, by sharing for 14 years in classrooms, community centers, churches, online and pretty much anywhere else she is invited.

As a queer chaplain, she is present with people in death and dying to self by helping to lace one’s narrative with a spiritual thread to remind one of their resilience, strengthen faith in self, create serenity in the now, and instill hope for their future.

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