Eating Disorder Recovery During the Holidays

The holiday season presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to eating disorder recovery. We’ve pulled together a variety of resources including: Support Groups, Blogs, Podcasts, and Videos to support you during the holiday season.

Eating Disorder Support for the Holidays

While the holiday season can be a time filled with nostalgia and cheer, it can also be a time when anxiety is at an all-time high, challenges seem to appear at every corner, and eating disorder thoughts are unrelenting. We understand just how difficult the holiday season can be and have put together resources to provide support and equip you with the skills you need to navigate the holiday season.

  • Support Groups

    Join one of our facilitator run peer support groups for extra support this holiday season.

  • Blogs

    Read blogs created by our experts to find useful strategies to make it through the holidays. 
  • Videos

    Listen as others share their stories of recovery.
  • Podcasts

    Watch our videos to gain additional coping skills for the holiday season
  • Treatment Options

  • Non-Profit Partners

Get Connected and Attend our Holiday Eating Disorder Support Groups

The holiday season presents a unique set of challenges when it comes to eating disorder recovery. In addition to our regular ongoing support groups, we’ve put together a special holiday support group series to provide you with additional support during this time. Please note that while we do plan to continue our regularly scheduled support groups, there may be some cancellations.

Watch and Learn: Eating Disorder Holiday Coping Skills

Gain tools to help you navigate the holidays in ways that support your mental health. Listen to others as they share skills to help you face challenging times and set boundaries with loved ones. Listening and learning from others who have walked a similar path can remind us that we aren’t alone — even in times when we feel the loneliest.

Shared experiences on how to navigate social situations that involve alcohol and signs your eating disorder may be taking over thoughts.

Learn about the prevalence of eating disorders on college campuses and how students can get the support they need.

Managing eating disorder and substance use triggers during stressful times.

Guided meditation.

Don’t Forget to Pack Your Recovery – Home for the Holidays.

How Do You Heal at Home? Short stories from advocates who have gone through recovery.

Listen to Podcasts Sharing Experiences and Stories of Hope

Listen along to real-life stories of hope and recovery. Our Mental Note podcast provides ongoing motivation and encouragement during the holiday season.

  • Mental Note Podcast

    Explore all our podcasts and find stories that uplift, support, and encourage you.

  • How Do You Heal at Home?

    Listen to others share skills and tools they have used to help them along their recovery journey.

  • With a Little Help From My Furry Friends

    Listen to Shannon’s inspiring story of how a few four-legged friends provided support in the toughest of times.

  • Breaking Free from Binge Eating Disorder

    Listen to Dave share his recovery story from binge eating disorder. He shares the ways he reached out to his community, the importance of support, and tools he uses to this day to help him stay motivated and steady in recovery.

  • Loneliness vs. Solitude - Is There a Difference?

    Explore how feelings of loneliness and solitude can be identified, and how those feelings can have lasting impact even after stressful times have passed.

  • Let's Talk About Depression and Suicide

    Learn ways to talk about depression and suicide, offering a new perspective on how to start an honest conversation with someone who is struggling.

  • Good Grief

    Listen to two individuals talk about their journey processing grief and how at times, the holidays can be a reminder of ones we love and have lost.

Explore Eating Disorder Treatment Options

When eating disorder thoughts and behaviors start to impact your day-to-day life, and you’re unable to manage symptoms on your own or with outpatient care, it might be time to consider a little extra support. Eating Recovery Center offers a full spectrum of eating disorder treatment services for children, adolescents and adults of all genders. We are committed to an environment of cultural humility: grounded in a foundation of safety, mindfulness, and awareness to ensure the best environment for engagement, learning and recovery.

Get Involved with ERC Partners

ERC partners with many national organizations to help support your eating disorder recovery during the holidays and year-round. We’ve included a list of additional organizations that provide support groups, education, and resources to equip you with coping skills and tips for managing the holiday season.

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