What Recovery Day Means to Me: Debra


There are many people and many paths to healing. My own healing journey has taught me that none of us is really ever alone along this path. Everybody has something, and as Ram Dass says, we’re all just walking each other home. 

As a therapist, I get to have the privilege of holding space and witnessing all of that with my patients, my clients. And as a therapist who has a therapist, I feel really blessed that I have someone who holds that space and grace with me and for me and can call me out on my crap.  

I’m Debra, and I am a Recovery Ambassador for ERC. 


About Recovery Day  

On Recovery Day we celebrate the hard work of seeking recovery & mental health. Recovery Day’s theme, “Many Lives, Many Paths to Healing” allows each of us to celebrate where we are on our own mental health journey. Some of our paths feel barricaded by trees and roots, while others of us see more clear trail markers to our destination. And yet here we are to celebrate another year. The path of you. The path of me. The courage that it has taken to continue on this journey and those who have supported the path to recovery along the way.

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