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Signs and Symptoms

Binge Eating Disorder Screening Tool

Binge Eating Disorders impact two times more patients than Anorexia. Learn the facts and what to look for in your patients with our free binge eating…

Signs and Symptoms

What “Counts” as a Binge? Binge Eating Defined

When it comes to binge eating, the amount of food one consumes may not mean much. And whether someone calls it a “binge” doesn’t really matter. What…

Signs and Symptoms

I Can’t Tell When I’m Full

Most of us start out with a strong, intuitive sense of our bodies' physiological needs; our bodies give us signals of hunger and fullness, and we…

Mental Note

Breaking Free from Binge Eating Disorder

Dave Vrablik’s lifelong habit of emotional eating never felt like a serious problem. That is, until one heartbreaking phone call five years…


Binge Eating Disorder

The most common eating disorder, yet often unrecognized and undiagnosed.


Shining a Light on Recovery - Episode 3

Sometimes it feels like we have lost our way in our recovery process and our purpose, especially after what we experienced in 2020. Join authors…


Shining a Light on Recovery - Episode 1

Authors Robyn Cruze and Kara Richardson Whitely host this monthly virtual gathering for our eating disorder and mental health communities to discuss…


Binge Eating Disorder Fact Sheet

Binge Eating Disorder, which involves frequent overeating marked by feelings of distress, guilt, and shame coupled with feeling out of control, has…


Overcoming Stress Eating

Stress eating is simply this: responding to stress by eating. Why does this happen? People stress eat because it works. Cortisol, a hormone produced…

Mental Note

Diets No More

  Binge Eating Disorder is grossly underdiagnosed and can leave dramatical devastation in its wake. So how do you find your way in a…

Signs and Symptoms

What Type of Binge Eater Are You?

Many of my patients have found it useful to identify their own binge triggers or cues that can leave them vulnerable to having an urge to binge.…


6 Ways to Go Further in Binge Eating Recovery

Dietitian Jean Curran shares six strategies to help you overcome binge eating and compulsive eating habits. Recovery is a process, and while you can…

Mental Note


Check out our podcast, Mental Note. Join us as we talk with Kara Richardson Whitely, author of the book Gorge, about her lifelong journey towards…

Signs and Symptoms

Why Do I Eat So Much at Night?

Many patients complain about difficulty controlling their eating behaviors at night. They describe feeling small urges to eat during the day and then…

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