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What Does a Dietitian Do?

What do dietitians do, and how can working with one heal your relationship with food? Learn this and more, including what makes our dietitians unique…

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Anorexia Hair Loss Explained

Every day, my team provides support to individuals experiencing hair loss related to anorexia, helping people of all ages and genders recover from…

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What “Counts” as a Binge? Binge Eating Defined

When it comes to binge eating, the amount of food one consumes may not mean much. And whether someone calls it a “binge” doesn’t really matter. What…

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Is Body Dysmorphia an Eating Disorder?

Is body dysmorphia an eating disorder? Learn how these two mental health conditions are similar — and different.

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I Can’t Tell When I’m Full

Most of us start out with a strong, intuitive sense of our bodies' physiological needs; our bodies give us signals of hunger and fullness, and we…

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Body Dysmorphia and Eating Disorders in Gay Men

A notable and pervasive issue with a more physical focus has started to plague the gay male community. Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) is a…


Eating Disorder Community Resources

Do you or someone you know struggle with their relationship to food and their body? You’re not alone. In fact, more than 28 million Americans will…


One Family’s Story

How Eating Recovery At Home gave these parents the tools they needed to support their daughter’s recovery.


Binge Eating Disorder

The most common eating disorder, yet often unrecognized and undiagnosed.


Grieving the Loss of Your Eating Disorder

People may grieve the loss of an eating disorder even while making progress in recovery. Explore why it can be difficult to say goodbye to an eating…


PTSD and Eating Disorders

There are a variety of evidence-based treatments for both PTSD and eating disorders. Here is a list of some things that I’ve personally found to be…


Making the Most of the Summer Season

The end of summer can come with anxiety about academic and social pressures. A focus on mental wellness during this transition is critical for a…


Eating Disorder Facts & Myths

Despite increased prevalence of eating disorders in the United States, widespread misconceptions about eating disorders remain that challenge…

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