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Eating Disorders Self-Assessment Quiz

If you are asking yourself, “Do I have an eating disorder?” this self-assessment quiz will help you determine if you are at risk:*

Eating disorders are mental illnesses characterized by maladaptive thoughts and behaviors related to food, eating and body size, shape and weight.

* Adapted from SCOFF screening questionnaire

The following statements may indicate the presence of an eating disorder.

  • I think about food constantly.
  • I eat in secret.
  • I eat even when I am not hungry.
  • I eat very quickly and am not aware how much I have eaten.
  • I am very self-conscious about eating in social situations.
  • I often try new diets and/or exercise plans.
  • I feel guilty about eating.
  • I am very concerned about my weight.
  • I have used laxatives or diuretics in order to prevent weight gain.
  • I have induced vomiting to prevent weight gain.
  • I often try to skip meals or avoid eating for the entire day.
  • I have lied to others about how much or little I eat.
  • Other people have made concerned comments about my eating habits.
  • It is difficult for me to concentrate because I am thinking about food.
  • I hide food. I am angry when I am interrupted while eating.
  • I gain and lose weight frequently.
  • I have withdrawn from my friends and avoid social situations.
  • I avoid physical and sexual contact.
  • I wear baggy clothes to hide my weight loss, or tight clothes to show off my weight loss.
  • I do not like myself or the way I look.
  • I feel fat even though others think I am thin.
  • I feel that I can never eat normally.
  • The frequency of my vomiting and/or purging has increased.
  • I am unable to stop bingeing and purging even though I want to quit.

It's never too late to get help

If it appears that you meet the criteria for any of these types of eating disorders, we encourage you to call Eating Recovery Center at 877-825-8584 for a free, confidential assessment from a Master-level clinician. Freedom from an eating disorder is possible – we’re here to help.

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